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Students practical training experience

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Execution of a project : 1.6.2009 - 31.5.2012
Charge in full : 201 929 Euro

Project aim

To create conditions for co-operation in the field of exchanging of students for practical training experience is the main aim of the project. That way the students get a chance to learn about specialized foreign company, where the students practise for a period of fourteen weeks. The practical training experience shoul be a large source of information for the student and for creating of his/her bachelor theses as well. The theme of bachelor theses can arise from requirements of training specialists (from companies where the students practise). To join the practical skills with theoretical principles (that the students learn at partner schools) is anothet aim of the project. The academical staff can receive a feed-back from the students about a usefulness and correctness of a content of taught subjects. They can flexibly and accordingly react to new trends in the field of information technology and electrotechnical subjects on the basis of this knowledge. This reaction could lead in implementation of new elective subjects.

Target group:

The students are the main target group of this project. Exchanging of students from partner schools in the field of practical training experience during the academic year is the purpose of the project. The theme of bachelor theses is related to a practical training experience. The partner schools could co-operate in common problem solving in this. The partner school provides for a background for students from other school and arrange them a proper practical training experience. Obtaining practical skills is very beneficial for students. The students will be able to compare acquired information from particular field of study, that they have acquired in Czech Republic or in Austria. Meeting specialists from the field of electrotechnics and informatics is another benefit . It is also very benefitial if the students can improve their language skills abroad.

Benefit and output:

Exchanging of students on practical training experience will give a major awareness of practical knowledge that are requiered in Vysočina region and also in partner Vienna region. Thanks to co-operation in exchanging the students can be faster well acquainted with practical issues and after a bachelor graduation they can find a job more easily as well. This hypothesis needs a longer monitoring to say that the project has a significant effect on easier getting a job. Arranging and carrying contacts with the partner school is the output of the project. To support an exchanging of students is another output of the project - there are short-term stays in research institutions and companies to acquire skills in IT.
2010 College of Polytechnics Jihlava